About Kate

I am Kate

Lets get to the facts:
I am an Author of a few self help titles.
I am a qualified counsellor and radio host.
I have spent time as a radio and TV host and a life guidance coach helping people from all around the globe.
I have been helping others manage their own life paths through my books, articles, youtube clips, radio gigs and one on one guidance sessions since 2008.

On a day to day basis, I am a first class nutter.
I spend my life looking for laughs and making others laugh. 😀

For I believe that the BEST way to happiness is to learn how to laugh at yourself and at life in general.
#LaughAtYourself #TotallyME #LifesTooShort

Set some GOALS and work towards that shiz, yet chill the fook out and don’t take everything so dam serious.
Evoke some Elsa into your being, and “let that shit GO!”

I live life as an open book, happy and willing to honestly share my own life stories to help encourage others to better theirs.

I live in Australia on the Sunshine Coast with my husband Wade and our two daughters, Jena and Ava.

Books by Kate:
Writers Path,
Healing Path
and the co-authored, Hidden Path Book and Journal.

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