OMG! I am Sick of this “Perfect Life” Shit – My imperfection is PERFECTION!

YES! Dam it all! I am sick of this pretentious perfect shit.

From this day forward I am going to display my full self – WARTS and ALL. Well I have no warts, so PIMPLES and ALL !

So buckle up bitches. Shits bout to get real!

As of now I am blogging about my actual life – not that what I have written before was untrue, – I simply just smoothed the edges off a bit, well a lot! But life is not about clean cut edges, is it?
So my forward chitchat will mostly be the stupid and funny shit that happens in my life (considering I am a general dick head there is a lot of that) and a sprinkling of life lessons as well.
You see, even though I am an author of three extremely “serious” and life changing Self Help books and a few “serious” Youtube clips, my new idea is to bring this happy life shizz full circle and be the being I am at home and around my fam and friends – A total twit with a smile on her dial. 😀

Me in a nut shell – or me, the “nut” out of its shell:
I am a person finds jokes everywhere, plus I am  a real trouper and a dependable friend.
A chick that can be selfless, yet self absorbed and can give zero shits when shit happens.
A mum first, but a total dickhead second.
A lout that swears a lot yet is extremely well spoken.
A peep that loves to talk talk talk and listen to other and to loud music, but adores complete silence.
A really chilled out hippy, yet a freak about spiders- eeeek KILL IT!
A looser who dances in the supermarket and will ride the shopping trolly yelling “weeeeeeeeeee”.
A big kid who adults well and runs around doing ten peoples jobs because lazy people are fookin everywhere.
and lastly a lover of a big juicy burger and hot chips or simply salad with chilli and shallots! And APPLES – OMG! my long time love affair with apples – Royal Gala are my pick of the bunch. I get heapsa shit off family and friends and have done for decades on how I always am eating an apple.  Haha
and more…. I am much more…..we are all always more.

Bla bla bla, my life is pretty fun. 🙂 Yet its not at times and that is okay. That is the perfect life actually.

So my peeps – Here is my happy tip for this happy life blog post – The best way to be happy is to fuckin BE happy!!!!

What I mean by that is that if shit happens – get good with it….. People can be far too precious and serious and I tell you what, seriousness bores the bejebus out of me. Find the funny god dam it! You are not perfect, nor should you be – slap yourself across the face and LET IT GO!
As well as finding the funny in it friends, you could find the reason why. And it does not have to be profound like – “Ah the reason why I got fired from that job was because I found a better job”…. The reason could simply be – “I got fired from that job because I was being a self focused fuckwit” – BOOM – The first step to change is the realisation that all the shit that happens in our lives is related to our own life focus.

There is not an enemy on the fence ready and waiting to destroy your life my friend – the enemy is much much closer. That enemy is you!

It is your thoughts, dreams and actions that propel your life. So get serious about not being so fuckin serious! Let go of the things you want to hold on to and be that bold being you were born to be.

Peace out bitches!

Kate 🙂

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The Best Relationship Advice on Earth

Relationship Advice

Today I wanted to write about relationships and give my readers some tips on how to have happy and healthy ones.

I have 8 tips here so let get into them.

1. Allow your partner to be themselves – Change is not always as good as a holiday and when you are attempting to change your partner, you are not necessarily doing yourself any favors. You fell in love with the person they are and if you now don’t like it, what has probably changed here is your tolerance levels, so maybe it’s you who needs to change again and find the good in your guy or girls annoying habits. You could make it a bit of a laughing point and jokingly tease each other about your head butting moments. But nagging never works. The whole idea is to get your thoughts about your partners “not so perfect traits” to a place of calm in your mind – not to change them – just change your opinion on it. And often where we change our thoughts our lives will follow. So you may find by defult, your partner does less of the annoying.

2. If you want something done, ask nicely – Add a complement and avoid the put down – “honey I know your busy, but I would really appreciate your help. I do love it when you help me, your good at it.” will attract a more positive response then, “you’re always sitting down and I never stop, for once would you help me! Seriously, get up now and help!” The way we fraze a request will not only change the way we feel, and the tone of our voice when we ask, but it will also change the reaction and the feeling within the person we are asking. Framing your demands as a favor will help you to succeed in your request for more help.

3. Gratitude, Thanks and appreciation – Remember to show your partner you care – daily! Take a random moment to thank your partner. For instance, look them in the eye and say, “thank you so much for being you. I really appreciate the fact you go to work every day. I know I can seem stressed out when you get home, but I just want to thank you, because what you do for our family makes all the difference. So thanks.” Or “Thank you for cooking dinner, I know it’s a pain, but I am so happy you do it for us all and I don’t have to think about it”. When you are praising your partner try not to think, “Here I am praising you when I do most of the work and you should be thanking me.” If you whole heartedly mean the gratitude you are giving, the time will come where it is reciprocated. You must remember this complement is all about them, it is not about you.

4. Focusing on the positive – Remember the good times – Is great for your relationship to remember why you are together and the great times you have had – look at old photos, discuss people and places from your past. Let’s say you go out for dinner with your partner and it been a long time between breaks from the kids. And rather then talking about the kids, money or the demands on your life – (unless it is needed to resolve at that point in time) – open a discussion about your past. As in, “what do you remember most about the day, month or year that we met?” Just have a fun conversation. Be silly, be spontaneous.

5. Live your own damn life and let them live theirs – get out with other people without your partner. If they are grumpy suggest STRONGLY they go out for a surf, to play golf or whatever they have or had a passion for. What attracted me to my husband was his sports and his passion toward them, so I encourage him to continue, as it keeps the flame and interest alive. Plus it gives you something else to talk about other then work or family.

6. Never lie about spending or anything for that matter – One of the biggest fails in a relationship is to lie about anything. Weather it is infidelity, nights out or undisclosed spending – all of these will taint the energy the deceiver brings to the relationship – a lie is like poison that slowly kills. Very few relationships can come back from deception. If you are in this relationship whole heartedly and you think you respect and love your partner, all things must be on the table. You must restrain your individual spending if you are working together towards a financial goal. It’s the respectful thing to do. And if you do find it hard to be honest and control yourself, be prepared for the relationship to implode.

7. Parenting as one – don’t go behind each other’s back, it’s not only hurtful to your partner, it’s confusing for the kids. Parenting is an unknown and often tricky job, so butting heads with your partner about parenting techniques is only going to make it harder. If your partner feels really strongly about an area of parenting and you may not totally agree, but you don’t feel as strongly, let them have this one and support them. But if you both feel strongly about opposite ends of a topic, you both could possibly do some soul searching as to why. Maybe there is a personal reason behind your thoughts and it may not need to impact your parenting choices. Be open to personal change and your past rearing its head as you co parent your child. Remember that we are all on this earth for growth and learning after all.

8. You deal with your camp and let them deal with theirs – You both came together for each other, not for the in laws and the extended family, however, because of your partner, they are a part of the puzzle now. What tends to make the situation a messy one is when you become invested in a negative relationship with your partners family. It’s their camp, so they need to deal with it and it’s the same with your family. You deal with your people and your partner should deal with theirs. If you are having issues, remain connected with your partner and remind yourself of why you are together and keep the peace with in laws, just don’t involve them in the depths of your lives. Get together for certain events and be civil – for your own sake – check the drama and your sensitivity at the door. Any big issues should be handled by the person who’s family it is.

Until next time, live happy and well my friends.  🙂


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Making New Years Resolutions With Success!

Making New Years Resolutions With Success!
We make resolutions with such great intentions and our ideas towards our future generally revolve around our health, finances and family. In fact the most common resolutions we as humans make is to lose weight and to get fit and healthy, soon after that comes quit smoking or drinking, more family time, better organisation and to spend less or save more. BUT, how many of these resolutions we set actually stand the test of time and become a success within our lives? Well I hate to say it but statistically its very few. About 40% of people make New years resolutions and wait for it, out of that 40%, only 8% of people actually achieve success.

I want you to make your resolutions, I feel self observation with positive outlook is great, however I just have a few concerns about the way some resolutions are made-
• Firstly if you are looking at yourself in this moment as though what you are doing now is wrong, then you are not looking at yourself in that light that supports your goodness and therefore your resolution is more in alignment to fail.
• Secondly if you tend to focus your resolution on taking something away – like chocolate, without considering what you could use as a replacement, you are also setting yourself up to fail.
• Or thirdly, you are planning on adding something to your life without removing something to make room. If you push more into your life without making constructive space, you will burn yourself out and explode like an overfull balloon.
• And lastly, the resolutions that many people place on themselves are often extreme, as in an EXTREME diet or savings plan and an extreme life change is much harder to maintain then a more moderate one – once again you are setting yourself up to fail.

So my advice would be take a little more thought about what resolutions you are placing and why, before you commit. So to help you all with this, as always i have some tips.
• Look at you life now in a positive light. I want you to sit down and think about all the good that you have done throughout the year gone by and make your resolution an extension of that. You can even make it an around the table discussion on new years eve – Pose the question to the people you are celebrating with “what did you accomplish this year”,“what was good about the year gone by” or “what were some good changes that you influenced in the past 12 months since last new years eve”? and then set your goals.
• If you are planning on removing something like chocolate, ensure you find a healthy replacement so you don’t feel like your missing out or that you are denying yourself. You can simply pop into your local health food store and chat to the staff, they have many healthier ideas and options for you to try.
• If your resolution is all about adding, make sure you make space. So if you want to add a workout regime, find time in your day to do this or if you want to add more money to your credit card, what area of your budget is this going to come from.
• Lastly, keep it simple and achievable. If you wish to lose weight, don’t change everything all at once, this is a new years resolution and you want to see success within a 12 month time frame, so give yourself and your body the patients to get it done in that space. Cut out the overindulgence of chocy, and remember to replace it and find another food to remove and replace next week. Just one step at a time.

Set small, reasonable, short-term goals and develop healthy lifelong habits. And if you do fall off the wagon and we all do, brush yourself off and get right back on.

Happy New Year to you from me,

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10 Happiness Tips

10 Happiness Tips

As heard on ABC 90.3

Today I just wanted to have a quick chat about being happy and firstly, i would like to tell you that “i am”. I wanted to share my 10 tips to happiness! Even if you only apply one to your life, i am sure it will make a difference.

So here they are –

  1.  Realise nobody has the perfect life – we put so much pressure on ourselves because of what we assume others lives are like. Yes you can certainly be going through a rough time at the moment, but comparing your situation to your assumption of everyone else’s is not doing you any favors. We all have tough times. I am happy yes, but my life is not perfect! No bodies is. If life was perfect, you would have no diversity. You have to have the good and bad, it’s the yin and yang of life.
  1. Don’t watch the news, turn it OFF! – Its mostly negative anyway and when you see others in bad situations, it makes you feel that these things can happen to you or you commiserate and compare the negatives in your life. It places you in a poor me mindset. Not good! This will not help your happy feelings grow at all.
  2. Stop rehashing and sharing your bad news – Seriously, why feel sorry for yourself or make others feel sorry for you, you are just waisting more of your precious day looking at all the bad. Unless you can give it a positive spin, throw your negative story in the bin!
  3. Let others be. – Stop expecting others to know how you feel and expecting them to act a certain way that pleases you. It is not their job to protect your feelings, don’t be so sensitive!
  4. Do watch comedy, heaps of it! – If i haven’t got a good book to read, i will lay in bed at night watching or listening to stand up comedy routines. I swear by it!
  5. Go to bed happy – I feel that if you go to sleep in a state of happiness it creates happy feelings for the next day. Many people go to bed concerned of their issues, what do you think this creates as a mental attitude for the next day – well, more stress out thoughts of coarse.
  6. Do exercise everyday! – I do, its my free antidepressant.
  7. Do think of how lucky you are – I saw a saying once, it went something like this,
    1. If you have not experienced war, torture, imprisonment or the daily struggle of starvation, then you are luckier then over 500million people alive today living this way.
    2. If you have a roof over your head and food in your fridge, you are wealthier then 75% of the people in the world.
    3. If you can read a book or read at all, then you are better off then over 3 billion people in the world who cannot read at all.
    4. If you woke up this morning with more of your body in a state of health then sickness, you are better off then the 1million that will pass away this week.
  8. Start letting the worries go. – Nothing ever stays the same, bad situations always pass as do good, why not take initiative and let the worries go earlier. Focus on fun and happy things. I find this tends to create a space for the solution of the issue to arise.
  9. Be happy anyway. – Don’t be happy because, its a sure way to be sad. More of our ideas don’t work out then the ones that do, so if we are all only happy because we want something to be a certain way, we are setting ourselves up for a fall. Think – “if i don’t get what i desire, how can i be happy anyway?” ?” If you answer this question, you will find happiness within a supposed negative outcome and whenever you can find happiness within a negative outcome, you dissolve all fear, and therefore, you will go for your goals with a positive frame of mind and fearless action. These two are essential for success.



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Dark Clouds, Silver Linings.

Hello my friend,

I would love to share an article i had published in Living Now magazine – Australias largest holistic magazine. The article is about my life and the journey i took to become happy. 🙂
Here is the direct link to the article –

First, here is last weeks quote –

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked or leaking, you may feel easily swayed by the ideas and thoughts of others. It will create a sense of wanting to fit in to make others like you.” from Healing Path.

Healing Path cover Final 28th DEC




Plus last weeks affirmation -“I support my essence with kind and caring words, thoughts and actions.”

Write It, Say It, Believe It, Live It!

Have an awesome day and please enjoy my story,

Kate  🙂 🙂 🙂
In the course of a life, what is a year? If you change nothing, nothing will seem to change a whole lot; so a year might just be a blip in your life’s course.

What if you had had a life filled with bouts of depression – and this was the worst year you’d ever had? What if after creating a beautiful family and living a life most would see as wonderful, you’d come to a point where the pain in your heart was so great that taking a few extra headache pills just so you might not wake to feel it any more was a very temping and pressing solution?

This was where I was: we owned our home, not outright but we were in the market at least. I had the husband, I had two healthy baby girls, but nothing ever seemed to go quite right. My health was all over the place, no energy, major kidney issues and nose bleeds for unknown reasons, headaches and STRESS, STRESS, STRESS. I was at the doctor most weeks – if not for me, then for my children. Our family business was in dire straits, I almost separated from my husband because we were fighting so much about money, as bills were becoming increasingly harder to pay and raising our girls was really getting on top of me. Other than tears, I was always right on the brink of anger and it wouldn’t take much for me to snap and yell at my loved ones.

I’ve gone through bouts of depression throughout my life and always felt very insecure, even though people wouldn’t have thought so because I’m quite outgoing. At this point I would say I was suffering – if not another bout of depression, then a serious case of the baby blues. Was this to be the course of my life – one bout of depression after another?

My depression in the past was one thing. However at this point in life I had two little girls to care for, yet I was struggling to care for myself. My anger and sadness were so out of control that I couldn’t see a positive in the fog that was my life. Plus the guilt that I held for my children and husband seeing me this way was simply another weight to add to my already overbearing load.

One day, in the pits of my despair, my two-year-old daughter Jena climbed into bed beside me and it was a moment I will remember forever. You see, I had been crying and crying for what felt like months, my head was pounding and my pillow soaked from tears. Just then, my daughter, who could barely string two words together at the time, put her hand on my back and said “Mummy, you can stop crying now”. A full sentence from a child who could barely speak two words! It shocked me so much that I thought it had to be a message from somewhere and I knew in my heart it was time to make some massive changes, if not for me, then for my family.

I felt I wanted to set the best example I could for my girls, as it would just kill me to ever see them living with depression and self-esteem issues as I had done most of my life.

That moment seemed to come from out of nowhere and a light switched on within me and I knew that for me to change my life, I totally needed to change my focus. It was as though a small seed was planted that day. For it to flourish, I had to take care of it – so I protected that seed like it was a magic bean and I focused on watering it every day from that moment on.

Then the help came, but not from where I had expected it to. Only a week after I had made a decision to change my focus, I went to Mum’s looking for a book to read – I am an avid reader of sci-fi and fantasy and I’d searched my Mum’s bookshelf many times before, although today was different. There on the shelf was a book with a blue spine and it was standing out so much to me that it seemed to be glowing. It was certainly not my usual read; however I decided to take it home.

Well was I blown away! As I read I felt this book was a confirmation of what I had internally decided only a week ago – wow, another sign! Then out of nowhere an obsession took hold. My every waking moment was focused on bettering myself, but not bettering myself for others – bettering myself for me. I began to meditate, practise yoga, increase my fitness and health, I would act and think positively, no matter the event. I began to know myself and found all of these connections within my life and, as I searched, my knowledge grew as did my own intuitive abilities.

Life began to change; yes there were some instant changes like I was feeling better for longer periods of time and the depression was feeling more like a memory than a way of life. After a few months we had moved away from the family business and we were able to save our home from the banks. Life was looking up, well really, I was looking up at life, as opposed to looking down at it. The world had begun to open up to not only me, but our little family as well. After 12 months life had done a 360° turnaround. I was exercising every day and I felt fantastic, no more sickness. I had started three at-home businesses, my husband had finally found a great job and we were sitting comfortably for the first time in our lives. Our girls were happy and our extended family began to reunite and it felt as if peace had finally found the Filmer home.

From here I began to write. It was always a passion of mine as a child, yet I had let the passion slip in the ebb and flow of life. In 2010 I published my first book, Hidden Path. This title was co-written with a friend of mine who had experienced a similar life change.

I went on to study and I am now a qualified counsellor, a successful author and an intuitive life guide who has now published two new books, Healing Path and Writers Path.

I am just an average woman with only a year 10 school certificate, who lived day to day defending herself in the fight of life, until I just decided to change my focus and really that’s all I did – I decided and then, each and every day thereafter, I kept choosing the same thing. Because of my decision, I have gone on to experience more joy, happiness, wealth and health than I ever knew was possible.

Please know that no matter where you are on your path and who you may have been until now, anything can happen, as all things are possible. I know this from pure life experience; your whole world can change in an instant.

So to answer my earlier question: “In the course of a life, what is a year?” Well if you make some different, but simple, choices a year can change the whole course of your life.

Here is a special little tip from my new book, Healing Path:

Heavy or light?

How do I know in which direction to go when I am at a cross-roads in life? This is a way you can use your feelings to guide you. Look at your options and ask yourself if it makes you feel lighter or if it makes you feel heavier. I’m sure you have used the term ‘to be weighed down’ or ‘it’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders’ and in a way this is what I am referring to.

Bring the thought of what you wish to do to your mind and look to the feeling that it brings. Feel its weight – if it makes you feel light, then it is right.

Kate Filmer is a counsellor, author, intuitive life guide, public speaker, mother, wife and entrepreneur. She has changed her own life from financial, physical and mental deprivation, to self-made success story in all three areas and she continues her quest by aiding others to do the same.

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Setting Goals

Hello to you 🙂

Today i am going to talk about goal setting. BUT, as always, first is my quote from last week – “The best and only way to deal with a negative emotional experience is to actually deal with it. Blanketing and ignoring the problem, no matter how small, can affect you physically in the future and often in a way you may not even be able to fathom right now.” From Healing Path.

Healing Path cover Final 28th DEC

And last weeks affirmation – “I am here now. No other moment matters more.”
Write It, Say It, Believe It, Live It! 🙂

Here we go…..

Setting Goals –

Nobody else has the power to destroy your dreams; it is you that creates your ability to succeed or fail! It is YOU who invites the people, the opportunities, the beliefs and experiences into your life. If you don’t believe me, check out my last blog on the Law of Attraction. – and/or my “tips” video on the Law of Attraction. –

Why do nine out of ten businesses fail? Obviously they had a desire and a great dream in the beginning or they never would have started out on a new business venture. Most fail, because people lose faith in themselves. They start to hear and take on board the media reports: “sales are low” and “the little guys always lose out”. They take on friends and even strangers? negative comments: “shoe shops never work” “I’ve seen so many businesses fail in this area”. Or they have a bad day on sales and focus all their energy on it, breading fear and failure.

When this happens, their fear which was once a seed increases in strength. Then day by day, like an invasive weed, it begins strangling the life out of their dream. Their original positive thoughts of grandeur and success become replaced with negative feelings of fear and failure.

The flow of the Law of Attraction works both ways, so by feeling failure, you are attracting more life instances which will prove to you that you are who you believe you are “a failure”.

Working with others – We all have our own path to tread. Not everyone has the same dreams and even if your dreams are similar, not everyone has the same reason for achieving them. The first book I ever wrote was Hidden Path. This title was co-written with a good friend of mine. We both had the same goals when it came to writing this book and journal package, yet we had different reasons for doing it. We worked hard and step by step achieved our dream, yet now we have both gone down different roads.

If you have a dream, go for it. You may find along your path that others share some of your goals and this is great. However, do not get hung up on it as their reasons for this goal may differ from yours. They are not you, they are different. Listen to others, but listen to your own gut above the rest. You are the only one who can determine if your dreams are viable at any point along your path and if you are teaming up with another, understand that some parts of your plan to get there will not sit well with them and some parts of their plan will not sit well with you. Respect their gut instincts and allow them to respect yours. If you are butting heads, find out why and move on. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Dreams Into Goals – We all have dreams, however, how we achieve these dreams within our real lives remains to be the BIG question!

To accomplish dreams, you need to convert them into goals – On the road to achieving your dreams all of the aspects talked about within my first book, Hidden Path are important. However, goal setting is of even greater importance because it is the basis to achieving everything you desire. How would you know which road to take, if you don’t even know where you are going?

Find out what your goals are and set them clearly. You can do this by following these steps –

Number 1 – WHAT DO I WANT? With a pen and paper and an open mind, begin to answer the following questions as best you can.

·         If there were no limitations placed on me, including money, what would I really want for my life?

·         What do I want to be doing?

·         With whom do I want to spend my time?

·         Where do I want to live?

·         What do I want to have?

Number 2 – WHY DO I WANT IT? On a new sheet of paper and using your answers from exercise one, ask yourself why you want these things for your life. Remember, Its always the why that motivates!

·         Why do I want to be this person?

·          Why do I want to have this thing?

·         Why do I want to spend my time with those people?

·         Why do I want to live there or this way?

So now you will have some clear goals, but how do you go about achieving them?

Number 3 – HOW AM I GOING TO GET THERE? On a new sheet of paper, use your answers from exercise one again, yet this time ask yourself –

·         How am I going to achieve these goals?

·         What specific steps do I need to take?

Write your list a mile long. Be broad, and be detailed. Jot down as many tasks as you can and lay out your path as best you can at this point.

Number 4 – WHAT COMES FIRST? Highlight the most important tasks you need to do first to get the ball rolling.

Number 5 – Allocate time this week or TODAY to get these tasks done. Once you have completed these tasks, tick them off your sheet and highlight the next most important tasks to be done. Then simply repeat step number 5 until you are done. However if at any point you lose direction, repeat steps 1 through 4.

Easy – You can have all you want in your life, you just have to break it down into manageable pieces that you can achieve daily and you will get there.
Kate 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Let’s Talk Law of Attraction!

Hello my friendly friend 🙂
Today i am going to talk about the law of attraction. BUT, as always, first is my quote from last week – “I always deal with any issue that arises within my present life instantly. I do not harbour emotional pain, I do not hash over bad moments, I do not resist, ignore or hate illness, physical pain or a negative emotion. I allow everything to teach me what it is here to do.” from Healing Path.

Healing Path cover Final 28th DEC

And last weeks affirmation –  “When I make a promise to myself, I respect myself enough to follow through.”
Write It, Say It, Believe It, Live It!

Let’s Talk Law of Attraction!

The law of attraction stands for what we attract and what we experience within our lives. It is a law governed by the universe as is the law of gravity. And like gravity, it is totally non-negotiable. You don’t get to decide whether you have attracted what you have attracted into your life or whether you have not, just as you cannot decide what will fall to the ground and what will float. The laws of the universe decide such things, we can merely learn how they work and bend them to our will.

To explain how the law of attraction works is quite simple. All of us are all vibrational beings made up of energy. In fact, everything in our entire universe is made up of energy, living or not. You are made up of this energy, I am made of this energy, as is a bird, the table you sit at, the food you eat, the trees outside and the car you drive. Also this energy is all around us. It’s in the air breathe, in the aura we emit, it’s in the words we speak, in the thoughts we think and the feelings we feel.

All that is around you, living or not consists of energy. The energy source of anything is contained within molecules and these molecules are made from atoms. The reason some energy molecules are visible, like your car, is because of the way in which these energy molecules vibrate. If you look at anything under a powerful microscope, you will discover that it is just a mass of energy, vibrating away to create form. And the form it creates depends on the vibration it emits.

Because what we are is energy and all that exists is energy, within your life, you will only attract to you the things that are vibrating at a matching energy frequency to your own. The way you attract all that is within your life, is via your energetic thoughts and feelings. Every thought you think and feeling you feel matters for your future. Thoughts and feelings attract, so don’t react, act purposefully.

Think about it this way, all of our lives are like a puzzle, the pieces only fit where they are meant to. You cannot put a puzzle piece from outside of your puzzle box, into your puzzle, as it just wont fit! Also, another person cannot give you a puzzle piece from their puzzle box, as it just wont fit! You can not own a car that does not match your vibrational puzzle, because it just wont fit! Everything you receive into your life, be it materialistic, verbal, physical, life experience or whatever it may be, is because its vibrational energy is a match to yours. Therefore the only way you can change what you attract, is to change the puzzle you play. And to change the puzzle you play, you must begin to change your thoughts and feelings towards the puzzle your playing now.

Thoughts attract things! So think GOOD thoughts about your life now, if you want to attract GOOD things into your life in the future.

Feelings attract things! So feel GOOD feelings about your life now, if you want to attract GOOD things into your life in the future.

Here are some tips from one of my books, Hidden Path –

1. To get yourself out of a negative mindset, just begin by thinking one positive thought. If you are in a negative frame of mind, begin to feel better by thinking one positive thought, even if it feels forced. For when you think one thought, positive or negative, a like thought will rush in to join it, as you are changing your vibration and therefore you are changing your attraction.

2. Visualise your goals falling into place. Begin each day, before you get out of bed, daydreaming or visualizing your goals and ambitions. Add detail and emotion, live out the moments in your mental pictures as real as you can. By beginning your day this way, you will already feel strong, powerful and ready to make an impact on your future. Do not limit yourself to only visualizing your dreams in the morning. Throughout the day if you find yourself waiting in line, in the doctor’s surgery or in traffic, instead of feeling frustrated at this waisted time, use it constructively for visualizing and enjoy a day dream. You can then finish your day by visualizing before you go to sleep. Visualisation only needs to be a few minutes, so try to fit in as many mini sessions as you can, per day.

3. Choose at some affirmations to write, read and re-peat every day. Choose the topic you feel you wish to improve upon and create your own positive affirmations to repeat each day. Feel the power of your words they are attractive energy. Know it is true for you. Know it!

4. Get creative with your desires. Make them real for you within your day and be accountable to them. Create a vision board, or if you are computer savvy, create a slide show. Look at it daily, and involve this in your daydream sessions if you wish. Obsess over your desires, live them and breathe them. As you go about your day feel that you are already a part of this world and life you desire. Openly tell people of your dreams and intentions.

5. Choose a different area in your life each day to be grateful for. Trigger those feelings of fulfilment and completion by listing new things you are grateful for everyday. Try improving specific areas of your life, by choosing a topic each day, and list five reasons you are grateful.

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11 Healthy Body Tips.

Hello my fabulous friend 🙂

Firstly here is my quote from last week – “Be kind to all others and be kind to yourself and remember, we are all a work in progress.” from Healing Path.

Healing Path cover Final 28th DEC

And last weeks affirmation –  “I allow my intuition to guide me through any darkness. I release all fear and I open my eyes to the truth.”
Write It, Say It, Believe It, Live It!

Today I would like to give you some of my everyday tips to good health and weight maintenance. Because I am a fit and healthy person beaming with awesomeness, 🙂 I am often asked how and why. So here are some of my healthy body tips –

No 1 Find out you ideal weight for your body size and shape – You can do this by using the standard BMI scale or you can talk to your doctor, naturopath, nutritionist or personal trainer. By finding out what is classed as healthy for you, you will be ensured you are focused on the right weight and size for maximum health. Don’t be mislead by what is right for others, you are U-nique. 🙂

No 2 Set a goal – Having a goal gives your weight loss and health goals a reason for being. If there is no goal, there is no commitment and your plans are wishy washy. So, along with your ideal weight, look at what size clothing you wish to fit into and also the measurements you wish to be. Or you could focus on being able to climb that mountain that you struggle to do now, with strength and power. Just pick out some goals, write them down and become accountable to them.

No 3 Exercise every day – It does not have to be hard core, just get your heart pumping and a bit of a sweat going on. I find that 20mins most days for me is enough, however once or twice a week, make it an hour workout. And mix it up, upper body one day, legs the next; a walk along the beach one day, climb a mountain the next; yoga one day, a cardio DVD the next. Keep it fresh and new to prevent yourself from getting board. Obviously have your health checked by a professional before you begin.

No 4 Only drink water! Unless its vodka – obviously I’m joking. Water is a fabulous detoxifier and it has zero fat or calories. If you are hungry, drink a BIG glass of water and wait 5 minutes and then see how you feel. The type of water you drink is important for maximum health, however ill save my water tips are for another clip.

No 5 Focus on how far you have come, not how far you have to go – This is HUGE!!! It’s the essence of life – we live what we think about most of the time. If you have lost a kilo and you are aiming for 10, praise yourself! Do a little happy dance as you are closer to your goals then you were before. On a vibrational level, every time you praise yourself and focus on your accomplishments, you become more of a vibrational match to your goal. This will in turn create more support and a universal push for more accomplishment. Focus on what you want and what in your life now represents that goal. Life is a hamster wheel, around and around it goes and unless you change your focus, you will keep experiencing the same results. If you are continually kicking yourself over your poor diet, you will attract more experiences where you will need to kick yourself over your poor diet. You know, that weather you choose to believe it or not, our world is magical, we always get what we turn our focus to. Get your goal in your head and focus on all you have done and the instances within your life NOW that represent this goal. Think – “I am aiming to lose weight and i just lost a kilo. I am awesome and I am certainly living my weight loss goals.” Or “I’m aiming to eat well and i just had a beautiful chick pea, and brown rice salad, i am certainly living my “eat well” lifestyle.” Forget about the rest and your mess up moments. Regret is useless, use your thoughts to change your vibrational attraction by focusing on the good you have done.

No 6 You can’t exercise enough to work off a poor diet – From my experience and understanding, food is 80% of the movement towards health and weight loss, exercise is only about 20%. Yes, you will need to exercise, but concentrate on a healthy diet more so then your exercise regime. Watching what you put into your mouth will benefit you in more ways than a dress size. You will look better, feel better, be healthier, live longer and enjoy your life more as good food creates a good mood. It makes you happy when you eat well. If you want a quick fix, you will quickly revert back to the weight you were. It’s not ALL about losing weight, plus who ever said that skinny was healthy? Which brings me to my next tip …

No 7 Stop starving yourself to be thin and begin to nourish yourself with whole foods to be healthy – HEALTHY, not thin! HEALTHY!! Concentrate 70% of your food shopping in the fresh fruit and veg department. If you eat what the earth gave us, closest to its natural form, your body will become closest to its natural form. You are what you eat. I know there is a lot of temptation out there, I shop in the same places you do, but if I can do it so can you. I hear people say “I love food to much to give up certain things.” Yet it is not the foods that are driving you, it is your addiction to them. Which brings me to my next point….

No 8 Drugs are bad, ok.. Sugar is a drug. So sugar is bad.. ok – Sugar is one of the most addictive drugs on our planet. Why do you think food companies package it in every food they create, they want you to remain addicted.. And if you don’t believe me, attempt to remove sugar from your diet completely. You will go through a withdrawal detox similar to a that of a heroin addict. Sugar can be hidden in your foods under other name, such as maize, corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, juice concentrates, cane, lactose, malt, molasses, and sucrose. Any time you see the word syrup or juice or a word ending in ose, you are dealing with sugar. You will get over the cravings for these addictive foods and your body will crave the nutrients it needs because it is not clouded and confused by the addiction to a drug. You will not see a whole foods diet as deprivation; you will begin to see it as plentiful and vast. This brings me on to my next tip………

No 9 Avoid eating any food from a packet, or learn to read the labels – Fresh is always best and most packet food will be full of preservatives and additives. These are cancer and sickness causing. They are added so they have a decent shelf life or to enhance flavour. Also, because of all the processing many packet foods go through to get into the packet, much of their natural nutrients are diminished. Get use to reading food packaging. If you need to buy from a packet, please check for any of the many numbers for, example 211 (which is the preservative, sodium benzoate) or 621(which is the flavour enhancer, msg) avoid the numbers on packets and try to keep your food as fresh as possible.

No 10  It’s all about choices people! – You can choose to eat that packet of cheese chips or a preservative, flavour and additive free packet of brown rice snacks. I find that generally the plainer flavours are a better choice.

No 11 Motivation, motivation, motivation – Talk to friends, strangers, check out websites, read up on all things nutrition and exercise, scour Youtube for as much information, ideas and inspiring stories as you can find and keep watching tips videos like this one. I am certainly not professing to have all of your answers, as I am focused on living all of mine own. Many things are standard health dos and don’ts and these are what I have attempted to cover here. If I was to preach my lifestyle, I would talk veganism, or awesomisum, I should say. Haha This works for me, but how am I to say it will work for you. Only you can trial different ways and be that judge. What I suggest you do, is look around and find your truth. What sits well with you and what makes you feel healthy and gets you to your idea weight, will and probably has been a case of trial and error. However, if you keep on trying, one day success is what you will find.

Life is a journey, look after your health and yours should be a long one. 🙂

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Our Children Are Just Doing as They Are Told.

Hello all,

This week I’m sharing some more of my parenting tips  :)

Below is an artical i wrote for Empower magazine that I thought I would share with you.

Firstly here is my quote from last week – “We are meant to feel awesome! We are not supposed to just survive, we are here to thrive and feel alive.” from Healing Path.

Healing Path cover Final 28th DEC

And last weeks affirmation –  “I easily let go of behaviours that do not serve me.”

Write It, Say It, Believe It, Live It!

Keep smiling :)


Do you always feel you are beating your head against a wall when it comes to your child’s behaviour? If yes, read on. As Kate Filmer explains it can be as easy as changing your parenting dialogue.

Children love attention. They are always searching for acknowledgment and for self recognition. They distinguish and accept themselves and their existence, via the responses they receive from you as a parent and the other people in their lives. Even though there actions are their own, they are really doing all of what you ask and expect them to do.

“What?” I hear you say, “My child does not always do what I ask and expect them to do.” Well, I’m here to let tell you that they actually do. It is just that we seem to spend most of our time focused on avoiding bad behaviour and on what our children are doing wrong and in effect, wrong is exactly what they do!

“Don’t spill your drink Leroy!” I hear you call out. Next thing, Leroy has spilt his drink. “Leroy, I told you not to spill your drink!”

In this, our magical world of creation, you always get what you ask for. Your words, thoughts and feelings, when in alignment, create your life experience. When you are focusing on avoiding an event, you are in a state of fear and fearing an event puts you in perfect alignment to attract it.

The universe does not recognise words like ‘won’t’,‘don’t’, ‘not’ and ‘no’, So when you ask Leroy “not to spill his drink”, your actually asking him to do so. Plus your thoughts and feelings are focused on the fear that he will and so, you are in complete alignment with it happening.

Now can you tell me that your children are not forever obedient?

The only time you get away with using a negatively framed sentence, is if your thoughts and feelings are aligning with Leroy keeping his drink safely in his cup. However to phrase your request better, aligning it with your desires would be “Keep your drink in your cup or in your mouth as you drink it.”

Preparation is key! Talking to your children about what you expect from them before an event and the words you use to convey what you desire, are very important.

Let’s say you are in the car heading to the grocery store. You say to your child, “Now when we are there, don’t touch everything and don’t be naughty. The last time we went to the shops, it was very embarrassing. I am not in the mood to put up with the stress. Otherwise, there will be no going to the park and that’s final.”

Keeping in mind that the thoughts we think, the words we say and the feelings we omit, create our life experiences, I will now translate to you what you have actually asked your child and the universe for – “Now when we are there, touch everything and be naughty. The last time we went to the shops, it was very embarrassing. I am in the mood to put up with the stress. No matter how badly you behave we will probably still be going to the park and that is final.”

You leave the shops absolutely frustrated and defeated with your attempts at good parenting because your child was an absolute terror.

Have you ever heard the saying “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” Well lets flip that right around and get to the truth of the matter. “It is what you say and not how you say it.”

Step one, Create the seen – Visualise everything falling into place as you tell your child exactly what you do want them to do. As in, “Now when we are there, keep your hands to yourself and be a good kid. I know how clever you are and you know how to behave. Today I am in the mood to be happy. If you do good things, good thing will happen to you, like we could go to the park.”

Trust me, all children love proactive talk actually, it even works on adults.

Step two, Their word is as powerful as yours –Ask them to repeat what you said. “So, what are we going to do at the grocery store and how are we going to act?” If your child stumbles, reiterate what you said and then repeat your question. If they aren’t interested, just reinforce the positive by saying, “I know you will be good, because you are a good kid!”

Step two, What do i do if the wheels fall off – Reiterate what you said on the way to the store and understand that change can take time. You need to believe thing can be better and allow yourself to be happy in this moment anyway, no matter the outcome. Your child will soon fall into line with your new vibration, its just the way the universe works.

Step three, The positive aftermath Once the event is over, list all the positives things they did do right. Kids love enthusiasm, I bet if they have made you angry, you wouldn’t yell at them in a monotone voice. So please, be enthusiastic!

New dialogue takes time to get comfortable with, so be patient with yourself. Soon it will be second nature you and you will be speaking exactly what you desire. Your child will love this new positive focus and be elated at the fact that they are impressing you with they’re good behaviour.


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I Have an Opinion About Having an Opinion.

Hello peeps,

This week I wanted to discuss opinions and personal value systems and how to express your opinion without berating others and how to feel OK if others begin to attack you with theirs.

Have you ever come across a forcefully opinionated person? A person who believes what they believe and will not give in until you agree or until they are satisfied that you and all others around you, know you are wrong or that they are right.

Have you ever had a debate with a person who is unaccepting of a certain schooling, social economic group, sexual orientation, lifestyle, way of eating, parenting or the clothing styles of others than you are?

Many people dislike what they do not or refuse to understand, and ignorance is the essence and the basic building blocks of much hate within our world. Wars have been started for less. However, their passion for such opinions may come from a bad experience in their past, so they changed and therefore, what they are experiencing now, feels so good in comparison. But now with their insight, who do they know best for? Do they now know what is best for you or for everyone else? Have they found the correct and most righteous path in life? Of course not. They know what is best for them and this is essentially what should be expressed, not the beration and belittling of others opinions and life decisions.

I have, like many of you, been confronted many times in life by people in this manner and I use to find it difficult to deal with, yet now its like water off a ducks back. For example, when an annoyed or self righteous meat eater has stating that I, who am vegan, am missing out on many nutrients because I refuse to eat my fellow earthling friends. But what would they know if they themselves have not experienced being vegan? I have experienced both sides of the coin and now, I know that have never felt better or been healthier, so therefor, it works for me. Also I have experienced an annoyed or self righteous vegan, who decided my views were not strong enough and i should dedicate my plight into changing others into veganisum also. To both i say, “back it up a little people and try to relax! I am happy with my decisions, they are not harming anyone, so what else truly matters.”

I understand that what you decide to eat or do in any area of your life is your choice and i know that the choices we all make are based on many factors – our upbringing, what we have heard seen or been exposed to, what makes us feel good immediately or long term, what we know and what we don’t, our personality, where we live in the world and even our financial situation.

If you tend to be quite openly opinionated, be aware that in the course of our lives our values and opinions can change. An experience you have may blow your old opinion on a topic right out of the water and if you have voiced the old opinion often in the past, you may end up siting down to dine on your own words.

Debate is good, I just feel that both parties need to be open to understanding why and how the other person came to have this opinion and if there is a lesson or some advice they could gratefully take on board themselves. Open your mind! We all have our personal preferences, however, forcing your personal preference onto another, is not the way to go. However, is this just me, the pot, calling the kettle “black”? Am I just having and expressing an opinion on others who have and express their own opinions? Well I guess I am. 🙂 Opinions and values are therefore an essence we can not ignore, yet we can still live in harmony.

Know what your values are and if someones discussion is rubbing you up the wrong way, let it be. Rather then feel berated by what they have said or rather then fight for your own opinion to be heard, let it be. Use the time instead to check in on your own value system and either reassure yourself or update it if you feel the need. Or as they say – Agree to disagree.

Take a little look at yourself and your own value system, ask yourself – “what do i value in me?” and “what do i value in others?” I completed this task not that long ago and I found it was fun to self reflect. Here are some of my values – I value diversity, equality, creativity, oneness, a healthy lifestyle, emotional strength, happiness,  fairness, freedom of choice, individuality, kindness to all,  openness, others points of view, peace, respect and being truthful to yourself and others.

Have a go and find out some of those values that you hold dear. You may even have many similar to mine.

Don’t restrict another’s path with your own opinions and life decisions and don’t take harm by what other people say. You have the choice to take it or leave it!


Before i go, here is my quote from last week – “Self-judgment puts a blockage between you and your dreams. So stop judging yourself and you will get out of your own way.” From Writers’ Path

And last weeks affirmation comprises of the two most powerful words you could ever string together………..  “I  can.”

Write It, Say It, Believe It, Live It!

Be well and happy friends. 🙂


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