Healing Path

Healing Path cover Final 28th DEC

I may look outside to ponder my path,

yet the directions are always within.

This is a book about the path to healing.
Healing your heart, healing your life and healing your body, mind and soul

      Learn the secrets behind:
Letting go – How to be ok when life won’t go your way.
Meditation – Why you should do it and how you can.
Your feelings – How to use them as you guide throughout life.
Emotional ladder – How to climb from sadness to bliss.
Forgiveness – Why you should do it and how you can.
Chakras – Your seven stages of emotional power.
Sickness – The real reason you are unwell and how you can heal.
Yoga – To energise and revitalise.
Nature – We are connected to all and what this means in your life.

If you know some of the many signs to read, your life can be a bliss to lead.

Soft cover book 280pages.
$29.95 AUD + $3 postage and handling within Australia.
Please expect 3 to 10 days for delivery.
For international postage prices please email – info@katefilmer


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